How to Purchase an Engagement Ring

You have made that big step in your head and decided to ask you’re beloved to be your wife, scary business. The second thing to do now is buy that engagement ring. This is where you need some inside knowledge.

The bottom line

You have decided to buy the special woman in your life a diamond engagement ring; this advice will guide you into making the right decision for you and your beloved. You don’t want to get this wrong or you could pay a dear price. You are about to part with a considerable size of cash and get ready to waive goodbye to a month’s salary minimum. But you need to put into your mind that you will be buying a symbol that will be the most iconic and important part of your life and symbol of your love for your partner.

There is a standard rule that is agreed and conformed to all over the world. Follow these rules and avoid disappointment.

Let me first give you a little lesson as to what diamonds are.

Diamonds are around 99.95% pure crystallised carbon and been in the earth for a considerable time, one or two billion years to be exact. These diamond substances are the hardest forming crystals occurring beneath the earth’s surface, which are produced from volcano pipes. The volcanoes release diamonds from pipes and form layers of gravel which get mined by man. Diamonds are rare because of this process. Sites can only be found in a few areas thorough out the world. The natural diamond is in a rough state and is shipped to cutting centres where they are shaped, polished before being set into jewellery. When polished the brilliance and sheer beauty is revealed showing why the diamond is a girl’s best friend.

You now know what you’re buying and where it came from and have a good basic grounding on what diamonds are, now let’s look at what kind of diamonds are available and what you should be looking out for. There are 4 C’s that you should be watching out for clarity, carat, colour and cut. These must be thought about equally when looking for a diamond. What actually determines what a diamond looks like is decided by how its cut.

One thing to not focus on too much is the clarity of the diamond. If you were to look into a jewellers loupe which is a magnifying glass you would see a small what they call an inclusion, they are also known as nature fingerprints. These look like small white clouds and are invisible to the naked eye. These attributes make the diamond unique and should not be seen as a fault. Jewellers get hung up with clarity but why worry about something that you will never see. There are 3 grades SI1 slightly included, more expensive IF, and the worst of all I3 Imperfect.

The diamonds weight is measured by carat and a carat is 02gm, or 200mgm. Most diamonds in engagement rings are between 1 carat and half a carat.

The rarest colour for a diamond believe it or not is white which is colourless. These diamonds are graded absolutely colourless and get a D rating. Scale up to Z. Diamonds have a unique colour and positively rare and they are known as fancies.

How much your diamond cost? This is a where we start to panic. You might have heard through whispers that men should pay a minimum of 1 or 2 months wage is what should be spent on a diamond engagement ring. This could have been spread by the diamond industry. Whether it’s a firm investment is to be seen.

One thing can be sure is if you do not buy the engagement ring that is the right type all could be lost. My advice is not to surprise her with a ring and not to buy something you think she might like, I emphasis the word might.

You could have a look yourself and have in mind what jewellery and style she currently wears in mind. Is she a fan of white or yellow gold? How does she react when she sees her friend’s rings? Classic diamond solitaires are very popular and a high percentage of women love this type of ring.

My advice is to find the store and make sure the shop as a good reputation in the town. Make sure you will get a receipt that is detailed. Will the jeweller let you examine the ring through a loupe? If you decide to buy over the internet you might be saving a great deal of money but the big thing is you will not be able to see what you’re buying before parting with your hard earned cash.

I will be posting another article to help you purchase the wedding bands for your wedding day.

Try wholesalers as they could offer fantastic discounts.

Whoever you decide to purchase your diamond ring from make sure you do the ground work and try your best to find out what she likes before you make that big purchase. Good luck guys.


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