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Sarah and Daniel Howard Perry

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What a wonderful day, Sarah and Daniel had. The day started very early  8:30 am at the brides family house.
Sarah was buzzing around the house with all the family members all exicited for her big day.
At about 10:00am the groom arived to proform the chinese wedding tradion at the gates of the house.
He was finally let in and then subjected to eating a 100 year old egg from china !!
They had so much fun in the space of an hour, proforming forfeits by the brides girlfriends at one point the guys were licking dougnuts of the floor unable to use there hands.
The groom also had part of his leg waxed lol. This all finally ended about 11:30 when the groom left the family house with his boys.
At no time did he see Sarah, she was busy upstairs with her mum listening to Daniel and his boys singing Tom Jones ‘sex bomb’ out of tune lol
The Wedding lunch was laid out and everyone tucked in strawberrys fruit and pastries.
It was on to the church for the ceremony which was held at St Marks church in Clerkenwell, London.
Sarah looked beautiful and Daniel very dashing. The service was lovely and the bells rang out as soon as they were Mr and Mrs
We then re-commenced with the reportage photographs which were taken around the perimeter of the church.
On to the reception for drinks and after dinner speeches.
The cake was cut and the first dance commenced.
With Daniel being Venizelion, Masks were donned and dancing was had for all.
Congratualtion to Mr and Mrs Howard Perry We wish you all the happiness.

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